It’s now only days/hours until Elisa is going to give birth to her first child. Best wishes 🙂


Yesterday we decided to go climb Romsdalshorn. To be there as early as possible we decided to bring some sleeping bags and do the approach the day before. That way we could be down before other people start climbing. We went up at 5.30 and reached the top at 8.00...


The light in Molde can be quite nice 🙂 This is «hurtigruta» that goes up and down the norwegian coast line.


Have had some minor problem on my blog lately. Here they come again. This was from a trip to Fantabrauta in Romsdalen. Chris on a beautiful arete Åsmund cranking hard. Even after two days of guiding on Kvandalstind and having a cold, hi still have more energy than...


I have heard a lot of people talk about «beachen» in Stryn and finely I got the opportunity to check it out myself. It was really good 🙂 Everything from the superb steep climbing to the lovely fjords and lake where we went swimming after climbing. We...